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Container Gardens

Creating a flourishing container garden can be a challenge whether the location be a rooftop or terrace, courtyard or windowsill, patio or deck. For city dwellers, in particular, designing and maintaining beautiful, satisfying and healthful "cityscapes" can be an especially daunting task—rooftops are subject to searing sun, blasting winds, and drastic winter temperatures; courtyards are often dark and dank; terrace and windowsill containers are at the mercy of both the elements and various urban fauna.

Container gardens can create  small spaces that glow with beauty, movement and color.That’s why it makes sense to entrust the job to an experienced landscape designer like Louis Raymond. Louis’ first professional assignment was for a Manhattan penthouse, and, since then, his ongoing urban projects have yielded a kaleidoscopic knowledge on what works and what doesn’t—in terms of horticulture, layout, exposures, soil additives, fertilizers, containers—every element that ensures the success of your container garden.

Annuals, perennials, exotic foliage, bulbs, vegetables, herbs, even trees—you’ll be surprised at the wide variety of horticultural options available for brilliant, healthy container gardens that Renaissance Gardening uses to make even small spaces glow with beauty, movement and color. Courtyards, decks, rooftops, terraces—even windowsills—can be animated and made dramatic by container gardens. Potted plants not only add beauty, interest and mystery to spaces, but improve air quality as well.

Pollution, modern insulation, off-gassing of chemicals and mildew from carpets and fabrics can lead to very poor air quality. Healthy plants not only fight seasonal blahs and reduce stress with their flowers and foliage but they recycle bad air into fresh, oxygenated air. Wide-leafed, dark green plants are especially effective as air filters, and all plants decrease carbon monoxide and produce oxygen. Container gardens make it easy to rearrange and re-scult your garden.

Any garden improves quality of life both physically and aesthetically. But lack of terra firma or a desire for improved air quality are not the only reasons people opt for container gardens. Often, convenience, mobility and/or design play a major role. Louis appreciates the portability of container gardens, which make it easy to rearrange and re-sculpt your garden, and to add new elements of interest and brilliance. Many of Louis’ landscape designs incorporate container plantings in outdoor gardens to create focal points or color and/or textural accents.

Any number of small, dwarf and semi-dwarf trees flourish in containers. Contrary to popular misconception, shaded areas do not need to be bare and grim. Dark courtyards or decks have been known to plunge even the most optimistic amateur into despair, when the seductive flowers found posing in glossy garden magazines just will not grow. However, Louis can introduce you to an enormous range of plants that thrive in pots and shade, while producing vibrant color in both flower and foliage. You can even have trees—any number of small, dwarf and semi-dwarf trees flourish in containers.

Once Louis has created your perfect container garden, he will gladly teach you how to care for it, or provide the appropriate, ongoing care and maintenance. Renaissance Gardening brings long-lasting, sustainable brilliance into your life—no matter where you live.


The interconnectedness of all life does not have to be an abstract concept. We can live it. It doesn't matter whether we garden indoors or outdoors; we can honor our world.—Judith Handelsman
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