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Landscape Design

Renaissance Gardening’s design goal is to work with you to plan, plant, grow and sustain a beautiful, successful landscape that impacts the environment in positive ways.

Formal plantings within a park-like  setting of mature trees.Louis Raymond’s years of experience, coupled with his comprehensive horticultural knowledge, enable Renaissance Gardening to develop myriad design concepts, no matter what your property’s size, layout, exposure or climactic conditions. Before Louis begins the design process, he familiarizes himself with your lifestyle needs and your vision for your property. What kind of environment do you desire? How will it be used? Are there features you’re particularly interested in that might require terrain modification, like a swimming pool or a tennis court?

Along with getting to know your expectations, Louis studies the property, and assesses how the architecture ties together—or should tie together. Only then does he formulate a design concept. No matter what style appeals to you—from formal parterre gardens to naturalistic spaces that mimic wilderness, and everything in between—Louis turns your vision into reality.

Renaissance Gardening can create customized landscapes that will provide beauty, allure and serenity for years to come.

Your investment in landscape planning will pay for itself with increased cost efficiency, less wasted labor and top-quality plantings that will endure and flourish. Moreover, your customized landscape is destined not only to provide beauty, allure and serenity for years to come, but will significantly increase your property value.
By designing in the interests of soil health, sustainability and environmental responsibility, Renaissance Gardening creates gardens that provide years of beauty, color, tranquility and privacy.

No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden.—Thomas Jefferson




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