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Landscape Implementation

Your vision for a beautiful, sustainable landscape is about to be realized—now that we’ve completed development of the functional layout solutions. You’re looking forward to your new garden—but there are still some pressing questions.

Landscaped estate with plantings and pool.

Will the design and installation satisfy regulations imposed by environmental agencies, historic district commissions, coop boards? Who will coordinate hardscaping and construction, stonework, installation of water features, paving, watering and lighting systems?

You can rely entirely on Renaissance Gardening. We offer full landscape design, installation and management services to bring your approved design to vibrant, glorious life—and to sustain it. Louis will gladly meet with your coop board or with any public or governmental agencies personally, and present whatever detailed drawings and plans are required to obtain permission. We frequently work in historic districts, and our shore work has familiarized us with coastal regulations and how to navigate the shoals of bureaucracy.

Louis’ landscape designs regularly require hardscaping, ranging from substantial terrain modification to installation of swimming and/or ornamental pools. Renaissance Gardening subcontracts and supervises all this work, which, depending on the severity of the locale’s winter, can usually be done year-round, along with general construction of terraces, walls and walkways, decks, fences and dependencies. We are proud to partner with the very best contractors throughout the country, and we will also consider your recommendation for contractors of particular favor in your area.

Horticulture installation happens mostly in the spring to early summer (late March through July) and fall (mid-September to the arrival of hard winter). Out of consideration for the plants and our clients’ investment, we plant only in the appropriate seasons.

Seaside landscape  with  herbaceous border.

Virtually all our landscapes and gardens are designed for low, or at least realistic, levels of maintenance. Happily, many plants, once established, can be left to enjoy their lives in peace—virtually maintenance-free. Even so, our landscapes often benefit from maintenance techniques that clients would rather turn over to professionals. Therefore, Renaissance Gardening provides general maintenance services performed by skilled gardeners, thus ensuring that your unique landscape design fulfils your conception for heaven on earth today and for many seasons to come.

St. Francis of Assisi was hoeing his garden when someone asked what he would do if he were suddenly to learn that he would die before sunset that very day. "I would finish hoeing my garden," he replied.—Louis Fischer
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