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Naturalism in Gardening

Renaissance Gardening can create romantic walled gardens straight out of a storybook.Naturalism, in contrast to formalism, strives for the appearance of a "happy accident of nature." A landscape you might expect to see in the wild—meadows of flowers rather than straight borders and regimented beds, romantic walled gardens straight out of a storybook, ponds and picturesque copses—can be artfully created by Renaissance Gardening. Lovely and magical, this style of garden extends the romance and comfort of your home out into the greater world.

In spite of an abundance of wildflowers, mixed plantings and asymmetrical forms, naturalistic gardens are far from "natural." These types of gardens must be carefully planned and orchestrated. The fact is, the more natural and uncontrived a garden looks, the more artful must be the techniques employed by its designer. Louis applies the breadth of his artistic skills and a lifetime of horticultural experience in order to generate your dreamscape, exactly tailored to your vision—including the harm-free exclusion of pesky animals.

An abundance of wildflowers, mixed plantings and asymmetrical forms characterize naturalistic gardens.

Our landscape designs must very often address all kinds of site conditions that we couldn’t fix even if we wanted to—or might actually love. The property might slope this way or that; there might be huge outcroppings of gorgeous rocky ledge, or it may contain mature, stately trees that we can’t bring ourselves to cut down. The random blessings of nature can limit our ability to create a perfectly shaped and aligned landscape. Therefore, it can often be practical, economical, and even glorious to "consult the genius of the site."

Our landscape designs must very often address site conditions that we couldn't fix even if we wanted to.

At Renaissance Gardening, we believe that the excitement and sparkle of naturalism enhances the best of Nature that’s already on your property—the dramatic rocky ledge, the winding stream, the pond. We create landscapes with welcoming shapes that are at once functional and appealing—meaningful designs for living using both formal and natural concepts to fulfill your dream.

I have a garden of my own, But so with roses overgrown, And lilies, that you would it guess To be a little wilderness.—Andrew Marvell
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