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Xeriscape, a method of landscaping and gardening that conserves water and protects dry environments, is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional landscaping that has proven ideal for dryer geographic regions. By specifying native and/or adaptive plants, Louis can design a beautiful, hospitable dry landscape that will require very little water and little fertilization in order to make it flourish.

When you think of a xeric garden, you probably envision it in its naturalist form. However, this is purely a choice of style. Louis can design a xeriscape in a formal landscape style, Zen garden style or whatever style appeals to you.
container gardening
Before Renaissance Gardening suggests a xeriscape on your property, we will analyze your soil and study the regional and microclimatic site conditions; existing vegetation and topographical conditions; your intended uses for your landscape; and zoning or grouping plants by their water needs. If these conditions are conducive to a xeriscape, Louis will select plants that are indigenous or adaptive to your site. Using plants that are not inherently comfortable in the conditions of your property would result in the need for more soil amendments, more maintenance and expanded watering routine. Think low maintenance!

After they are established, xeriscapes require fewer fertilizers and significantly less water. This methodology need not only apply to landscapes: container gardens are usually a challenge to keep properly watered, so a xeric container garden is the perfect choice for people who own several residences or travel regularly.

Trust Renaissance Gardening to design and create xeric gardens in dry areas that are beautiful, welcoming, low-maintenance, healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.—Henry David Thoreau
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